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Transportation Improvement Program


The LAPC in cooperation with WisDOT, MnDOT, and our transit operators annually develops a four-year transportation improvement program (TIP). The TIP reflects the investment priorities established in the current metropolitan transportation plan as well as all Federal- and State-funded projects and regionally significant projects regardless of funding source.

Coordination with our DOTs and transit agencies for development of the annual TIP begins in May. Because Minnesota approves its State TIP before Wisconsin, the LAPC approves a Minnesota TIP project list in July. The approved list is later incorporated with the listing of Wisconsin projects into the annual TIP document approved in November.

The TIP project list is amended frequently as projects are added/removed or modified to a significant degree. Minor changes, however, may be incorporated into the TIP through an Administrative Modification. The annual TIP and TIP amendments require a 15-day public review and comment period as established in our Public Participation Plan (PPP). The PPP and our TIP document define our TIP Amendment Process.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program Document Approved November 15, 2023

2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program Project List Approved November 15, 2023

2024-2027 Minnesota TIP Project List July 19, 2023


July 17, 2024 Project List Draft

June 25, 2024 Project List and Document page 12 Draft

May 15, 2024 Project List 

March 20, 2024 Project List and Document page 26

January 17, 2024 Project List

Administrative Modifications

January 26, 2024 Project List The modification involves a minor change to correct project number #243-24-014. 

January 26, 2024 Document Includes the addition of Table 6A- Projects Substantially Completed in 2023, and other minor changes. 

August 18, 2023 Minnesota TIP Project List The modification involves a minor change to the federal and local shares for City of La Crescent Transit Operating Assistance, project #243-09-015. 




2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program November 16, 2022


November 15, 2023 Project List

September 20, 2023 Project List

July 19, 2023 Project List

May 17, 2023 Projects List 

March 15, 2023 Projects List and Document page 26.

January 18, 2023 Projects List and Document pages 26-28.




2022-2025 Transportation Improvement Program November 10, 2021


September 21, 2022 Projects List

July 20, 2022 Projects List

June 15, 2022 Projects List

May 18, 2022 Projects List

March 16, 2022 Projects List

January 19, 2022 Projects List 

Page 24 of the TIP document updating MnDOT's Safety Performance Targets to include 2022

Administrative Modifications

February 3, 2022 Projects List The modification involves minor changes to the funding amounts and local shares for TCMC project 243-21-022.




2021-2024 TIP Document


November 17, 2021 Projects List 

May 19, 2021 Projects List

March 17, 2021 Projects List

Pages 23-28 to include approved performance targets, January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021 Projects List

Administrative Modifications

July 2021 Minnesota Projects List

List of Annual Obligated Projects







Funding Programs for Local Governments

Projects funded with federal and/or state funds or are considered regionally significant that occur in or serve the LAPC planning area are included in the LAPC TIP. The projects are also included in their respective State (Wisconsin or Minnesota) TIP (or STIP). Local governments have access to many federal programs; however, eligibility varies by size of community, attainment status, urban/rural designation, and other characteristics. The following list of programs include those that were established in previous transportation bills as well as new programs established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Discretionary Grant Programs

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) administers competitive discretionary grant programs through its operating administrations (OAs) and Office of the Secretary (OST). Each program office solicits applications and selects projects based on program eligibility, evaluation criteria, and Departmental or program priorities. Discretionary grant programs of interest to our local governments may include but are not limited to:

Formula Grant Programs

Formula grant programs allocate funding to recipients based on formulas set by Congress. USDOT distributes these funds to States, Federally-recognized tribal recipients, and transit agencies. The funds may be further allocated to localities at State, tribal, or agency discretion.

State-Administered Programs

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Web Map

View the 2024-2027 TIP transportation projects in this web map. Only projects whose descriptions provide enough detail to ascertain a location are illustrated.

The web map illustrates the LAPC 2024-2027 TIP Projects listed in our 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program. It can be accessed in the Gallery through the LAPC GIS Web App and Data Portal.

The web map will be updated as administrative modifications and amendments are processed.

If you have comments or questions about the projects shown in the web map, please Send Us Your Comments or contact office staff directly.