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Planning Work Program



The LAPC documents annually in its Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) the metropolitan transportation planning activities to be performed with federal transportation planning funds for the upcoming year. Tasks are assigned to program elements, which include:

100 Program Support and Administration: These activities include the coordination of technical committee and policy board meetings, staff training and travel, preparing the following year’s work program and quarterly accounting. Also included are program expenses  that support the operation of the office and compensation of staff.

200 Long-Range Transportation Planning: This element includes activities that develop, implement, and provide necessary support data for the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). It also promotes education and outreach to the general public through activities outlined in the Public Participation Plan.

300 Short-Range and Multimodal Transportation Planning: This element includes activities that improve the safety, efficiency, and service of the transportation system in the short term, typically within the next 10 years, including transit and other multimodal planning activities. We also provide technical assistance such as grant writing, data analysis, mapping, and coordination to our member communities and planning partners.

400 Transportation Improvement Program: This element ensures that the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is updated on an annual basis. The TIP is a four-year listing of transportation projects in the area that will be funded with federal and state dollars. This element also includes participation in the MnDOT District 6 Area Transportation Partnership (ATP).

500 Consultant Studies: This element accounts for the LAPC studies funded by federal planning funds and local dues. Funding is made available to member municipalities for transportation-related studies.

Current Work Program  

The 2024 Planning Work Program was developed in coordination with the LAPC Policy Board and Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation.

Past Work Programs

2023 Planning Work Program 

2021 Planning Work Program 

2022 Planning Work Program