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The Oaks - FAQs

Q:  What's the Criteria for those staying at The Oaks?

A:  Individuals will have a diagnosis of dementia and would be exhibiting behavioral disturbances.  The Oaks provides short-term stabilization of a person's behaviors in order for the individual to return home or move to a less restrictive environment.  


Q:  How do you stabilize an individual?

A:  We work with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to find a medication management program that works for each individual. 


Q:  What is the average stay?

A:  The average stay is 3-6 months but this time frame is only an estimate.  Each individual's situation is unique so a stay could be shorter or could be longer.  


Q:  What type of funding do you accept?

A:  Since The Oaks is only State licensed (not federally licensed) payment is either private pay or through a Family Care/Managed Care Organization such as Inclusa or My Choice.


Q:  Do you accept Medical Assistance?

A:  No, it is not accepted for the cost of room and board since we are not federally funded.  Medical Assistance can be used for medications and therapy services. 


Q:  What does a typical individual's room look like?

A:  All rooms are large private rooms.  Each room comes with its own bathroom, bed, wall mounted TV, wardrobe closet with shelves, a nightstand, wing-back chair, and tray table.  Families are encouraged to bring in familiar and/or comfort items.


Q:  How is The Oaks different from Hillview?

A:  The Oaks is specifically for people with dementia experiencing behavioral disturbances.  It is not designed to be a long-term placement as our skilled nursing facility and assisted livings can offer.