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Health Department





Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

La Crosse County Health Department provides follow-up services for children in La Crosse County with a lead level of 3.5 mcg/dL and above. Services include:

  • Nursing case management by a Public Health Nurse. This includes a home visit, lead prevention education, monitoring of lead levels, and consulting with the child’s primary care provider.
  • Referral to a La Crosse County Registered Dietician for lead poisoning prevention nutrition education if needed.
  • Referral to a Lead Risk Assessor to identify sources of lead exposure.

Blood Lead Testing


If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact your child’s healthcare provider about getting your child tested for lead. 

  • Does the child live in or visit a house built before 1950 (including childcare facilities and homes of friends or relatives)?
  • Does the child live in or visit a house or building built before 1978 with recent or ongoing renovations (including childcare facilities and homes of friends or relatives)?
  • Does the child have a sibling or playmate with lead poisoning?
  • Is the child enrolled in Medicaid or WIC?


Certain occupations and hobbies can put adults at risk for lead poisoning. If you would like to be tested for lead, contact your healthcare provider.

Lead In Your Home

Home Testing

  • Find a Lead-Safe Company (wi.gov) that performs lead investigations.
  • Chemical testing swabs and mail-in testing kits are available for purchase online or at local hardware stores.


Environmental Lead Concerns

You can notify the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) of unsafe lead or asbestos work going on in your community by clicking on this link: Report Unsafe Lead or Asbestos Work.




Health Department Office Location
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Main Business Phone: 608-785-9872
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In a public health emergency call 911
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Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday; some service hours may vary

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