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Veterans Services

Court Initiative

Veterans helping Veterans: Be a mentor for the La Crosse County Veterans' Court Initiative.

The Veterans’ Court Initiative is an innovative program to assist veterans who may have involvement with law enforcement or the courts.  We hope to reach all veterans involved with the courts to ensure that they are aware of what help is available to them through federal, state and local veteran and community programs; and to assist them in applying for appropriate programs.

This process involves a “mentor,” who is also a veteran, to work with, guide and encourage the veteran to accept help.  If the veteran cooperates with his or her assigned mentor and makes progress on the issues that may have led to the legal problems, the court will be so informed and full consideration will be given by the court to any positive changes the veteran has made in his or her life.  This is not a “get out of jail free” card:  veterans will need to sincerely seek and accept assistance, and take responsibility for making changes…

Please consider applying to be a mentor if you’re a veteran from the La Crosse community.  A lot of veterans found military service to be a positive factor in their lives.  But for a lot of veterans their combat service, repeated deployments, personal assaults, alcohol or drug abuse or other troubling incidents may be making the adjustment back to civilian life difficult.  Mentors are here to assist if the veteran is willing to accept help.

To be a part of the program by volunteering to be a mentor, you may help turn someone’s life around;  help keep a family together; feel good about “giving back” to your community.  We need veteran men and women who want to make a difference.

For more information or to apply to be a Veteran Mentor, please call the Veteran Mentor Program for an application: