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Solid Waste


Solid Waste


                              Pricing is subject to change without notice

                              *All items dropped off will have a fee*

RESIDENTIAL DROP-OFF AREA: $5.00 minimum or $120 per ton  

Mattresses and Box springs

$12.00+ weight


Freon Items  (air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers, etc.)

$12.00+ weight



$5 MIN or 6¢ per pound


Single Car Tires (Up to 4)

$8.00 each


Household Garbage  (Bagged waste, food, paper, plastic etc.)

$5.00 minimum or $120 per ton*

6¢ per pound


$5.00 minimum or $120 per ton*

6¢ per pound

Large Items  (Furniture, toys, bikes, stoves, dishwashers, lawn mowers w/o gas or oil)

$5.00 minimum or $120 per ton*

6¢ per pound

Demolition/Construction Debris  (Wood, drywall, doors, windows, sinks, toilets, roofing, bricks, cinderblocks, flooring, etc.)

$5.00 minimum or $120 per ton*

6¢ per pound


PROCESSING PAD: $5.00 minimum or a per ton fee     

Blacktop/Concrete (Clean, no other debris or rebar)

$5.00 per load


Tires by weight  (Tractor, motorcycle, large truck, mower, UTV, etc.)

$5.00 minimum or $400 per ton*

Approx. 20¢ per pound

Shingles (Clean, no synthetic tarpaper. No ridge vents)

$5.00 minimum or $40 per ton*

Approx. 20¢ per pound

Wood/Pallets  (Clean, untreated, unpainted or stained)

$5.00 minimum or $35 per ton*

Approx. 2¢ per pound

Sand, Soil, Landscape Rock ( Clean, no other debris)

$5.00 minimum or $26 per ton*

Approx. 1¢ per pound

Brush  (Branches, Shrubs, etc.)

$5.00 minimum or $35 per ton*

Approx. 2¢ per pound

Stumps over 18" Diameter

$5.00 minimum or $76 per ton*

Approx. 4¢ per pound

Yard Waste  (Grass clippings, leaves, etc.)

$5.00 minimum or $51 per ton*

Approx. 3¢ per pound


LANDFILL: $15.00 permit fee and $64 per ton (approx. 3.2¢ per pound)

ANNUAL PERMIT: $300.00 per vehicle per year. (STARTING JAN. 1REDUCE BY $25 PER MONTH AFTER)

3 DAY PERMIT: $25.00 for 3 consecutive business days, per vehicle.


SINGLE USE PERMIT:  $15.00 per trip, per vehicle


Utilization of the facility requires adherence to County Ordinance Chapter 15 and applicable Policies


We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards. No deferred billing. 

                     *A fee will be added to use debit/credit cards*      

 $1.95 on $66.12 or less       2.95% on $66.13 or more.  


 Customers that leave without paying will be reported to the police.