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County Board

Board Members
La Crosse County Board Of Supervisors

April 2022 — April 2024   Full District Map | Individual District Maps

District 1
 Kelly Leibold

  Address: 1824 Liberty St

  Phone: 507 272 5408


  District: 1

  Date Appointed: 2024-04-16

  Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 1 & 2): Black River Beach Neighborhood Center - 1433 Rose Street

  Biography: As a brain cancer survivor, I navigate the world with a unique perspective. I currently serve as the President of the La Crosse Toastmasters Club and regularly attend the Logan Northside Neighborhood Association meetings; I enjoy getting to know those in my community and look forward to connecting folks with resources and information as a County Board Supervisor.

  Committees: Veterans, Aging & Long-Term Care


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district 2

Ralph Geary

Address: 1733 Loomis St., La Crosse, WI 54603

Phone: 608-519-6175


District: 2

Date Elected: April 1976

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Ward 3 & 4): Harry J Olson Senior Citizen Center – 1607 North Street

Biography: I am a lifelong resident of the northside of La Crosse.  I have a Bachelor of Science from U.W. La Crosse and an M.B.A. from University of Wisconsin - Madison.  I am a member of American Legion Post 336, President of HJO Senior Center, and Chairman of the Logan Northside Neighborhood Association.  I have served on numerous county committees and remain active on many community organizations.  I stay focused on issues in my district and La Crosse County as a whole.  Problem solving for the betterment of the residents is my top priority. 

Committees: Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Review Committee, Solid Waste Policy Board


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David Pierce
2nd Vice Chair, Executive

Address: 319 Avon St., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-343-1031


District: 3

Date Elected: April 2022

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 5 & 6): Myrick Park Center - 789 Myrick Park Drive

Biography: I live on the lower Northside of La Crosse, and I have represented my neighborhood on the County Board since April 2022. I am active in the local neighborhood association, and I stay engaged in the community by serving on the board of two local nonprofits, Mobile Meals of La Crosse and Coulee Region RSVP. I am a partner in a local law firm. In my free time, you can catch me walking my two dogs on the marsh trails.

Committees: Executive Committee Planning, Resources & Development Economic Development Fund

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district 4

Maureen Freedland

Address: 2641 Schubert Pl., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-796-1076


District: 4

Date Elected: September 2005

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 7 & 8): English Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall – 1509 King Street

Biography:  I served on the County Board because of the daily impact local government has on people's lives. Past President of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation and La Crosse County Jail Ministry. Legal aid attorney for many years. Exec. Committee, Bluffside Neighborhood Association. Active in my religious community, I also enthusiastically support the arts including the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, environmental and sustainability concerns essential to our future, neighborhood coalitions, and diversity and equity initiatives. Married to Robert, we have three adult children and three granddaughters.

Committees: Health & Services Board, County representative to Couleecap, Inc. (Executive Committee), City of La Crosse Arts Board, Solid Waste Policy Board (Chair), Regional Bluffland Coalition Steering Committee

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District 5
Emily "Em" Anderson

Address: 1510 Badger St Drake Hall, Rm 229b

Phone: 608-315-2424


District: 5

Date Elected: 2024-04-16

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 9 & 10): UW-L Student Union, 521 East Ave. N. (Farwell St. Entrance)

Biography: I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in political science and public administration at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I am dedicated to serving on the County Board and representing District 5 and the campus community.

Committees: Judiciary and Law


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District 6
Grant Mathu

Address: 415 6th Street N., Apartment 121, La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: (920) 621-4253


District: 6

Date Elected: 2024-04-02

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 11 & 12): La Crosse Public Library – 800 Main St.

Biography:  Proud lifelong Wisconsinite, UWL alum, and public servant. I represent the people of La Crosse's 6th district and work full-time at one of our community's higher education institutions. I previously served on the board from 2020 to 2023. Feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or ideas about how to move La Crosse forward.

Committees: Veterans, Aging & Long Term Care Committee, Public Works & Infrastructure Committee


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Gary Padesky
Chair, Veterans, Aging & Long Term Care

Address: 825 20th St., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-317-3331, 608-782-1498


District: 7

Date Elected: April 2020

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 17 & 18): Hogan Administration Center - 807 East Ave. So. (East Ave. & Mississippi St.)

Biography:  Member LaCrosse Central Alumni Association Board, SAL Member Post #52 American Legion, Weigent/Hogan Neighborhood association, Bluffside Neighborhood Associatiion.

Committees: Vets, Aging & Long-Term Care (Chair) Executive Committee, Solid Waste, MTU Board, La Crosse Historical

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district 8

Peggy Isola

Address: 1220 S 14th St., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-519-7365


District: 8

Date Elected: April 2012

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 15 & 16): Coulee Recovery Center, 933 Ferry St.

Biography: I graduated from the UW-La Crosse with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am currently a member of the HTL Neighborhood Association, and have volunteered with Girl Scouts and 4-H. I have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Committees: Planning, Resources and Development Committee, Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Review Committee, Southwest Housing Region Community Development Block Grant Committee, Mississippi Valley Health Services Commission


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district 9

Dawn Wacek
Chair, Judiciary and Law

Address: 1206 7th St., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 651-706-4601


District: 9

Date Elected: April 2020

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 13 & 14): Southside Neighborhood Center - 1300 6th Street S.

Biography:  Dawn has lived in La Crosse since 2016. She currently serves as the Deputy Library Director for the La Crosse Public Library and is active as a volunteer at local schools and in other community groups. She and her family built their home in the Powell Poage Hamilton neighborhood as a part of the La Crosse Promise and neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Committees:  Judiciary and Law, Criminal Justice Management Council

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district 10

Kim Cable
1st Vice Chair

Address: 2002 Hyde Ave., La Crosse, WI 54601



District: 10

Date Elected: April 2014

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 19 & 20): South Community Library - 1307 16th St. S. (16th St. & Park Ave.)

Biography: Kim grew up in a farming family in Sauk County, Wisconsin. She has lived in the La Crosse community since 1979. Kim currently works for Couleecap, Inc. as the Program Development Director. Kim has spent her professional career providing services and advocating for persons with disabilities and for those who are homeless. Kim is interested in serving her community and making La Crosse County a great place to live, work and play.

Committees: Executive Committee, Veterans, Aging & Long Term Support Committee, Economic Development Fund

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district 11

Patrick Scheller

Address: 2612 7th St., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-769-8502


District: 11

Date Elected: April 2014

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 21 & 22): Living Word Christian Church, 2015 Ward Ave. (rear entrance)

Biography: Former financial executive, retired. Property owner/manager; married to Kirsten Netzer Scheller. Three grown children and one grandchild. Resident of La Crosse since 1974.

Committees: Planning, Resources and Development Committee


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district 12

Randy Erickson

Address: 2052 30th St., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-519-6292


District: 12

Date Elected: November 2019

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 23 & 24): Mary Mother of the Church Parish Hall, 2006 Weston St.

Biography: After earning a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota, I moved to La Crosse with my wife, Katherine, in 1990 and began a 29-year career in journalism that included reporting on government bodies including town, village, county and school boards, and city councils. We have two grown daughters. I left the La Crosse Tribune in March 2019 and am now external communications coordinator at Viterbo University. I'm grateful to have the chance to continue to serve my neighbors in the 12th District on the county board.

Committees: Public Works and Infrastructure, La Crosse Center Board (formerly served on Planning, Resources, and Development; Executive Committee; Economic Development Fund Board; and La Crosse Arts Board)


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Tina Tryggestad
Chair, Executive

Address: 4414 El Camino Real Dr., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-790-2912


District: 13

Date Elected: April 2016

Polling Location: City of La Crosse (Wards 25 & 26): Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall – 4141 Mormon Coulee Rd. (27th St. Entrance)

Biography: I'm honored and humbled to serve this term as County Board Chair this term after serving the last two terms as chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. As a proud UWL graduate, I have lived, together with my partner, in La Crosse since 2003 and happily raised our two daughters in the La Crosse School District. After selling my restaurant of 21 years, I transitioned to a social work position at Couleecap, Inc to help eliminate poverty in the Coulee Region.

Committees:  Executive Committee (Chair), Economic Development Fund, Criminal Justice Management Council, La Crosse Promise, Workforce Development Board, Government Leaders, La Crosse Area Planning Commission

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district 14

Margaret Larson
Chair, Judiciary and Law

Address: 1924 Nakomis Ave., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-780-7859


District: 14

Date Elected: April 2016

Polling Location: Town of Campbell (Wards 2-5): Town Hall – 2219 Bainbridge St, La Crosse (French Island)

Biography: I've been an active member of the La Crosse community since moving here in 1977: La Crosse Public Education Foundation, Women's Fund, Mental Health Coalition, editor and author of community histories, and, since 2016, county board supervisor for the Town of Campbell.

Committees: Executive Committee, Judiciary and Law


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Monica Kruse

Address: N5434 Circle Dr., Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 608-738-9195


District: 15

Date Elected: April 2009

Polling Location: City of Onalaska (Wards 1 & 4): Onalaska Omni Center – 255 Riders Club Road
City of Onalaska (Ward 6): Onalaska City Hall - 400 Main Street
Town of Onalaska (Ward 5): N5589 Commerce Rd

Biography:  After serving as County Board Chair for the past 4 years, I am looking forward to focusing on more specific committee work. I was an educator for 26 years, teaching German, Spanish and special education. I am an avid traveler, both in the US and abroad. My husband Paul and I have 3 children and 6 grandkids.

Committees:  Health Human Services, Criminal Justice Management Council, Economic Development Fund, Couleecap, Sustainability Task Force

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district 16

Dan Ferries

Address: 402 9th Ave N., Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 608-780-7282


District: 16

Date Elected: April 2010

Polling Location: City of Onalaska (Wards 5): Onalaska Omni Center - 255 Riders Club Road
City of Onalaska (Wards 7 & 8): Onalaska City Hall - 400 Main Street

Biography: Served 10 years as City of Onalaska Volunteer Firefighter; Past Commander SAL Post 336 Onalaska Legion; Co-Founder Onalaska Community Thanksgiving Dinner; Freedom Honor Flight fund raising; Onalaska Legion playground Co-planner and fundraising; Assist with Onalaska Memorial Day Service; Served two terms as Onalaska City Council Alderperson.

Committees: Veterans, Aging and Long Term Care Committee

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district 17

Jack Pogreba

Address: 811 13th Ave So., Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 608-797-6526


District: 17

Date Elected: April 2020

Polling Location: City of Onalaska (Wards 9-10): Onalaska City Hall - 400 Main Street

City of Onalaska (Ward 11): Onalaska Omni Center - 255 Riders Club Road

Biography: Jack grew up on a family dairy farm in Trempealeau County. He has lived in Onalaska for 35 years with his wife Susan and has raised four children. He has worked for Woodman's Food Market as the Equipment Manager 19 years until his retirement this year. He has served as a City Alderman for five years in District 3 in Onalaska serving on Board of Public Works, Finance, Personnel, and the Utilities plus several more committees. He has also served on a private school board for many years.

Committees:  Judiciary and Law

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Mike Baroni

Address: 585 Fairway Creek Dr., Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 217-412-1136


District: 18

Date Elected: April 2022

Polling Location: City of Onalaska (Wards 12-14): Onalaska Omni Center – 255 Riders Club Road

Town of Medary (Ward 1): Town Hall – N3393 Smith Valley Road, La Crosse

Biography:  I am a retired business executive who welcomes the chance to give back to our community by serving on the County Board.

Committees: Health and Human Services, Family Policy Board

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district 19

Rick Cornforth

Address: 933 Aspen Valley Dr., Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 608-781-0210


District: 19

Date Elected: April 2016

Polling Location: City of Onalaska (Wards 2, 3 & 15): Onalaska Omni Center – 255 Riders Club Road
Town of Onalaska (Ward 4): N5589 Commerce Rd

Biography: Throughout my life, I have called La Crosse, Onalaska and West Salem home. I have friends, family and colleagues living all over La Crosse County with a wide range of political, religious and social values. I respect the ideals and opinions of others even when they differ from my own, and believe strongly that working through our differences leads to stronger solutions. What unites us all is our desire to live in a thriving community, I am committed to being an INDEPENDENT voice for District 19, while making decisions that will impact all people who live in La Crosse County. I look forward to working towards continued progress as we address the needs of our residents. I appreciate the trust and support given to me by the constituents in District 19 and I would appreciate your willingness to share feedback and ideas, just give me a call or send an email. Thank you.

Committees: Health and Human Services Aviation Board

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district 20

Steve Doyle

Address: N5525 Hauser Rd., Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 608-783-1204


District: 20

Date Elected: April 1986 

Polling Location: Town of Onalaska (Wards 2 & 3): N5589 Commerce Rd, Onalaska
Village of Holmen (Wards 9-11): Village Hall – 421 South Main

Biography: County Board member since 1986; former County Board Chair. State Representative, District 94, since 2011.

Committees:  Public Works & Infrastructure

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District 21
Dave Balduzzi

Address: W7778 Cardinal Drive, Onalaska Wi

Phone: 608-780-7447


District: 21

Date Elected: 2024-04-16

Polling Location: Town of Onalaska (Wards 6-8): N5589 Commerce Rd
Village of Holmen (Ward 12): Village Hall – 421 South Main
Town of Town of Holland (Ward 1): Town Hall - W7937 Mc Hugh Rd, Holmen
Town of Campbell (Ward 1): Town Hall - 2219 Bainbridge Street, La Crosse (French Island) 

City of La Crosse (Ward 29): Black River Neighborhood Center - 1433 Rose Street, La Crosse 


Biography:  Recently retired from a forty-year career in my family's retail building materials business, I bring conservative thinking values and decision making that made my business successful to the La Crosse County Board. My top priority is to stay focused on issues that affect my district and those of La Crosse County.

Committees: Judiciary and Law Committee


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District 22
Joe Kovacevich
Chair, Public Works & Infrastructure

Address: 1002 Eastwood Street, Holmen WI 54636

Phone: 608-215-06642


District: 22

Date Elected: 2024-04-02

Polling Location: Village of Holmen (Wards 2-5): Village Hall – 421 South Main

Biography:  I moved to Holmen in 2001 along with my wife Laura and daughter Hannah and fell in love with the area. I recently retired after 35 years in the financial services and banking industry. I have served on the Holmen Police Commission for the past 10 years. I am honored to have the opportunity to further serve the community as County Board Supervisor in District 22.

Committees: Executive committee, Public Works and Infrastructure Committee

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District 23
Travis Elam

Address: 231 Lee Street Holmen WI 54636

Phone: 608-207-6069


District: 23

Date Elected: 2024-04-02

Polling Location: Town of Holland (Wards 2-4): Town Hall – W7937 Mc Hugh Rd, Holmen
Village of Holmen (Ward 1): Village Hall – 421 South Main

Biography:  I am a lifelong Holmen resident, and I am honored to server my community, friends, and family in District 23. I live in Holmen with my wife Briana and my two children. I am an active member of my community and am also serving my second term as a Village of Holmen Board Trustee. Prior to the board, I served my community in Holmen as a reserve police officer. I am an alumnus of HHS and UWL. In my professional career, I am a Senior Software Engineer for a company that provides Cyber Security and K12 EdTech software to businesses and schools throughout the United States. With a 12-year background in technology, I look forward to bringing my perspective to the county level and representing my district. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Committees: Public Works & Infrastructure

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district 24

Kevin Hoyer
Chair, Planning, Resources & Development

Address: N4931 Moos Rd., West Salem, WI 54669

Phone: 608-451-2848


District: 24

Date Elected: April 2018

Polling Location: Village of Holmen (Wards 6-8): Village Hall – 421 South Main
Town of Hamilton (Ward 1): Town Hall – N5105 N Leonard St., West Salem
Town of Onalaska (Ward 1): N5589 Commerce Rd

Biography: As a lifelong resident of La Crosse County, My wife and I own and operate a grain farm just outside of West Salem. We both are members of Christ Lutheran Church involved in the La Crosse County Agricultural Society, past State Farm Service Agency Committee, past President of Wisconsin Soybean Association, past governing committee member of American Soybean Association, past member of Field Rise Sustainability Group. I am also currently serving as a Supervisor on the Town of Hamilton Board.

Committees: Executive, Planning, Resources & Development (Chair), Wildlife Abatement

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Dennis "Jake" Jacobsen

Address: W380 County Road T, Mindoro, WI 54644

Phone: 1-715-572-7948


District: 25

Date Elected: April 2022

Polling Location: Town of Farmington (Wards 1-3): Town Hall - N8309 Hwy 108, Mindoro
Town of Burns (Ward 1): Town Hall – W1313 Jewett Rd, Bangor
Town of Hamilton (Ward 3): Town Hall – N5105 N Leonard St., West Salem
Town of Holland (Ward 5): Town Hall – W7937 Mc Hugh Road, Holmen

Biography: I grew up on a Wisconsin cattle and crop farm.  I have a B.S. degree in Agriculture from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.  For forty years I owned and managed a feed, seed and farm supply business which I recently sold to employees.
I hope my business experience will assist the board with financial decisions and sound infrastructure investments to provide a better life for residents of District 25 and all of La Crosse County. 

Committees: Planning, Resources & Development


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district 25

David Hundt

Address: 434 N Youlon St., West Salem, WI 54669

Phone: 608-786-1575


District: 26

Date Elected: April 2020

Polling Location: Village of West Salem (Wards 1-4 & 6): Community Center 175 South Leonard

Biography: American legion post 52, June Dairy Days

Committees: Public Works & Infrastructure

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District 27
Paul Wuensch

Address: N4802 County Road J Rockland, WI 54653

Phone: 608-386-7830


District: 27

Date Elected: 2024-04-02

Polling Location: Town of Bangor (Ward 1): Town Hall - N4400 State Rd 162, Bangor
Town of Burns (Ward 2): Town Hall – W1313 Jewett Rd, Bangor
Town of Hamilton (Ward 4): Town Hall – N5105 N Leonard St., West Salem
Village of Bangor (Wards 1 & 2): Village Hall – 100 North 17th Ave
Village of Rockland (Ward 1): Municipal Building – 105 W Center Street
Town of Washington (Ward 1): W1430 County Road H, Newburgs Corner

Biography: Lifelong district resident. Married with two adult daughters. I work as Key Account Manager for Continental Automotive Systems Inc. Being a public servant is who I am. I served for twenty years on the Bangor Board of Education and ten years as a First Responder. I am a proud Army National Guard, Desert Storm Veteran active in Veteran's organizations. I believe our best leaders must be servants first.

Committees: Health & Human Services


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District 28
Ron Rothering

Address: W4514 County B West Salem, WI

Phone: 608-780-3086


District: 28

Date Elected: 2024-04-02

Polling Location: Town of Barre (Ward 1): Town Hall – W3541 CTH M, La Crosse
Town of Hamilton (Wards 2 & 5): Town Hall – N5105 N Leonard St., West Salem
Town of Medary (Wards 2 & 3): Town Hall – N3393 Smith Valley Rd, La Crosse
Village of West Salem (Wards 5, 7 & 8): Community Center - 175 South Leonard

City of La Crosse (Ward 27): Harry J Olson Senior Citizen Center – 1607 North Street

Biography: Serving La Crosse County and the 28th district is a privilege that I look forward to. As a 40 year resident I look forward to working with the board and residents to improve our district and county together. I will use my small business and agriculture experience to meet our goals.

Committees: Planning, Resources & Development

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Ken Schlimgen

Address: N3290 Russlan Coulee Rd., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-786-4382


District: 29

Date Elected: April 2022

Polling Location: Town of Shelby (Ward 4): Town Hall – Annex – 2801 Ward Ave, La Crosse
Town of Barre (Ward 2): Town Hall - W3541 CTH M, La Crosse
Town of Greenfield (Wards 1-3): N1800 Town Hall Rd, La Crosse

Biography: Ken is married to Ann with 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren.  He has worked for Dairyland Power Cooperative for 26 years as Manager of Market Operations and Trading.  Prior to being elected to the County Board, Ken served 13 years on the West Salem School Board.  He and his wife live in Barre Mills and raise registered Limousin cattle.  His education includes Bachelor degrees in Agriculture and Education and a Masters Degree in Business.

Committees: Planning Resources and Development Committee, Member of the La Crosse County Board of Review

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Dillon Mader
Chair, Health & Human Services

Address: N1074 Bloomer Mill Rd., La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-792-6650


District: 30

Date Elected: 2022-04-05

Polling Location: Town of Shelby (Wards 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6): Town Hall – Annex – 2801 Ward Ave, La Crosse               

City of La Crosse (Ward 28): Living Word Christian Church - 2015 Ward Ave, La Crosse

Biography: I serve the residents of District 30, which covers most of the Town of Shelby. I am a third-generation public servant, educator at Western Technical College, and actively involved community-member. I value dialogue and feedback, so please reach out anytime.

Committees: Executive Committee, Member Health and Human Services, Chair Community Sustainability Plan Advisory Team, Member


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