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Plans, Projects & Presentations

Envision 2050

Envision 2050 is the update to La Crosse County’s Comprehensive Plan, completed in 2022. The Comprehensive Plan guides land use decisions. The plan must be updated at least once every 10 years, per state statue.

Pathways Home
Pathways Home is a city-county homelessness response plan, released in January 2024. The goal is to reach “Functional Zero” homelessness in La Crosse by 2029.
Strategic Plan
For the first time, the county has begun the process of developing a strategic plan to guide decision-making by the county board. We will post the plan and related documents here when available.
Study Committee on Policing
The La Crosse County Study Committee on Policing released its final recommendations in October 2023. The committee was comprised of a diverse range of community members with relevant experience. The recommendations led to the creation of the two-year Civilian Review Board.
Broadband Plan
La Crosse County hired broadband consultants Design Nine to conduct an analysis of broadband needs in the county and a plan for how to address those needs. We will post the plan here.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
The county is working on a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging strategy.  Go to our diversity webpage to learn more about the project.
Climate Action Plan
A two-part Climate Action plan is being developed by staff. The first part will consider internal county operations, and the second part will have community recommendations. Once finalized, we will share the plan on this page.