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Our Staff
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Our Staff

CALL CENTER: 1-414-615-2594 

Please note that cases are assigned by the last name of the person who has been ordered to pay support.

Jill Sherry - Director

Worker ID: XLX426
Paternity Cases: HUE - LEZZ
[email protected]

Shannon Weiss

Worker ID: XLX186
Established Cases: A - CLAZ & SCI-SILZ
[email protected]

Brooke Richards

Worker ID: XLX370
Established Cases: KAO-MERZ & SOT-STOZ
[email protected]

Kathryn Wahl

Worker ID: XLX490
Established Cases: STP-XZZZ & SAO-SCHZ
[email protected]

Heather Bright - Supervisor

Worker ID: XLX325
Paternity Cases: LFA-ZZZZ
Established Cases: ROT-SANZ & Y-Z
[email protected]

Anita Jenson

Worker ID: XLX307
Established Cases: MES-REGZ & SIM-SOSZ
[email protected]

Bridget McGinness

Worker ID: XLX455
Established Cases: CLB-GOEZ
[email protected]

Cindy Stellpflug

Worker ID: XLX277
Paternity Cases: A - HUDZ and All NIVD
[email protected]

Hailey Herbst

Worker ID: XLX486
Established Cases: GOF-KANZ & REH-ROSZ
[email protected]

Heather Steiner

Worker ID: XLX446
[email protected]