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Zoning and Land Information


Planning and Zoning

County Plans
Farmland Preservation Planning

The La Crosse County Farmland Preservation Plan provides a balance between agriculture and residential uses in rural areas of La Crosse County. The Farmland Preservation Program is a discretionary decision that provides farmers with eligibility for tax credits. The county is required to maintain an up-to-date plan so that farmers in La Crosse County can maintain their eligibility for tax credits under the Farmland Preservation Program. The Farmland Preservation Program is a part of the Chapter 17, Zoning Code Ordinance.


La Crosse County’s Zoning, Planning and Land Information Department is coordinating the County’s efforts to prioritize sustainability and climate action. Sustainability is the practice of avoiding depletion of natural resources to meet present societal needs without destabilizing the planet’s ecological balance and compromising the society’s ability to meet future needs. La Crosse County can improve sustainability through actions that balance the needs of residents, business, and the environment.  

Local Government Planning Assistance

Under this program, the Planning Division provides research assistance on planning issues of concern to local jurisdictions, and serves as a clearinghouse for information on most planning related matters including land use, economic development, housing, conservation and preservation of natural resources, outdoor recreation, transportation and demographics. Assistance provided has included compiling information, analyzing information, and offering recommendations, assisting jurisdictions with planning procedures, and preparing land use plans.

Zoning Permits

The Zoning Department issues several types of permits for a variety of land use activities. Please refer to the FAQs to learn more about permit types, and when permitting is necessary. Additionally, the Zoning Department supports the Board of Adjustment by facilitating public hearings required for variances, and supports the Planning, Resources and Development Committee by facilitating public hearings required for Conditional Use Permits, Zoning Amendments, and Shoreland Special Exception Permits.

Permits - Fees
  • List of application fees. Beginning January 1, 2022, fees will be collected at the time of application.
Permits - Applications
Informational Zoning Brochures


Zoning FAQs

Have questions? Read through our Zoning frequently asked questions for answers.


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