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Watershed Planning


Watershed Planning 


Bostwick Creek Watershed

9 Key Elements Plan



County Wide Monitoring
Since 1998, the Land Conservation Department has sampled 28 streams at 35 individual sites in the county on a regular basis (the larger streams are sampled in 2 locations). Sampling is done only at base flow conditions – at a time when it hasn't rained for at least 3 days prior to sampling. Samples are analyzed for fecal coliform bacteria and total phosphorus.

Sampling Sites and Goals


Long Term Average


Fish Kill

An intense rain in September of 2007, combined with poor manure management practices resulted in a significant fish kill in La Crosse County. The data we gathered showed that the cause of the fish kill flowed down the creek several hours after the flow returned to normal. The source of manure was from a heifer feeding operation on top of a bluff at the headwaters. The manure traveled about 1.5 miles down the hill and through a pasture before it reached the stream.