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Human Services


Human Services

Consumer/Vendor Information

Comprehensive Community Service Description: Comprehensive Community Service (CCS) is a voluntary, community-based program for individuals of all ages who need ongoing clinical services for a mental health and/or substance use concern. CCS provides case management through a teaming process. The team would involve your family, support people, community partners, and mental health service providers. The team will work with you to set a goal and build a plan to help you reach that goal. The overall goal of CCS is to help individuals reach a place of wellness and no longer need extra supports to help remain stable in the community.

If you are interested in CCS services, below are the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must have or be eligible for Medical Assistance
  • Current mental health and/or substance use diagnosis
  • Functional eligibility through a state functional screen process
  • Assessment to determine clinical need


Intake Process

  • Adults seeking mental health and/or AODA services (prescribing, therapy, assessment, case management)
  • Children with physical, developmental or emotional needs and their parents who are seeking long term care services (CLTS) or Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)
  • Community members are welcome to call however the consumer/parent needs to be present and open to services



  • Call DHS 608-784-4357  Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm and ask for ISRS Intake
  • Intake staff will gather basic demographic information and provide next steps for the process
  • Resource information will be given


General Information