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Background, Mission, Goals, and Strategies:

adult vaccines The Coulee Region Immunization Coalition (CRIC) is a partnership consisting of representatives from public and private health care providers, businesses, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. CRIC was established in 2010 having been previously known as the La Crosse Area Immunization Coalition.

The mission of the CRIC is to increase vaccination rates in the region to protect the public from vaccine-preventable diseases.

To support the Health People 2020 goal of increasing vaccine coverage in all age groups, CRIC initiates the following evidence-based activities: provide continuing education to persons who administer and promote vaccines by hosting an annual immunization symposium, increase community demand by providing education to target populations through the development and implementation of an annual immunization campaign, and share strategies to enhance the public’s access to vaccination services.

Engage and collaborate with regional partners to:

  • Provide evidence based, clear, consistent educational messages to the public about the importance, benefits, and scientifically proven data on the effectiveness and efficacy of vaccines.
  • Prevent and control seasonal influenza through educationa and vaccination of the public.
  • Provide an optimal community response in the event of a vaccine shortage or epidemic.

Identify populations with low immunization rates and develop strategies to improve them.

Provide continuing education for healthcare providers.

Advocate the use of state immunization registries to all healthcare providers.

Advocate for legislative policy that supports improving vaccination rates.

Compile and compare annual vaccination rates data to evaluate success of interventions.


Membership is open to all individuals and organizations who would like to help promote CRIC's goals. There are no membership fees. General membership meetings are held four times per year in January, April, July, and October. Smaller workgroups within CRIC (for example the Symposium Planning Committee) are formed and meet as needed.

The Coalition is comprised of representatives from several local health departments, Gundersen Health System, Mayo Clinic Health System, The State of Wisconsin Immunization Program, area educational institutions, area pharmacies, area businesses, and pharmaceutical companies. CRIC is led by a Facilitator or Co-Facilitator from one or two of the involved local health departments.

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