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Annual Report

Land and Water Resource Management Plan

Department of Land Conservation Responsibilities
The La Crosse County Department of Land Conservation is charged with the responsibility of protecting, conserving and enhancing the natural resources of the county. Through the direction and supervision of the Planning, Resources and Development Committee, the Department of Land Conservation implements programs that promote wise land use decisions for the conservation and preservation of our soil and water resources. The department is the local delivery mechanism for many Federal and State sponsored conservation related initiatives.

The Department consists of trained and experienced staff that provides a wide range of planning and technical assistance in both agricultural and urban environmental protection strategies. The diverse landscape and varied land uses in La Crosse County presents complex problems for natural resource managers. The staff of the Department of Land Conservation has the expertise to provide solutions to those problems.


  1. Administer the La Crosse County Animal Waste Management Ordinance
  2. Administer the Conservation Requirements of the Farmland Preservation Program
  3. Administer the State Agriculture Performance Standard Requirements
  4. Provide Nutrient Management Planning Services
  5. Administer a County Wide Water Quality Monitoring Program
  6. Provide the Technical Assistance for the Installation of Best Management Practices
  7. Administer the Timber Harvest Program in the County Forest System
  8. Administer the State Livestock Facility Siting Rule
  9. Provide conservation compliance requirements for the State’s Working Lands Initiative.
  10. Administer the Land and Water Resource Management Plan
  11. Provide mapping, GIS, and LiDAR related services
  12. Provide cost-share assistance for installation of Best Management Practices
  13. Aquatic Invasive Species Cooperation
  14. Soil Testing and Animal Waste Nutrient Analysis
  15. Non-metallic Mining Ordinance
  16. Maintain PL-566 Structures



  1. Administer the Erosion Control Land Disturbance Ordinance
  2. Administer the Erosion Control Provision of the Uniform Dwelling Code
  3. Provide Site Evaluations for Urban and Rural Landowners
  4. Provide Site Evaluations for PR&D Committee Review and Approval
  5. Administer the Technical Requirements of the Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance
  6. Administer the Storm Water Management Ordinance
  7. Implement the Storm Water Management Public Outreach and Education Program