La Crosse County, Wisconsin

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  Hazardous Materials Facilities in the La Crosse County LEPC Jurisdiction for 2001

Office of Emergency Management

Planning for the Safety of La Crosse County Residents in the Event of an Emergency

Goals Of The La Crosse County LEPC:

  1. Focus upon increasing the awareness of our citizen's to the existing risks and vulnerabilities to which they are exposed.

  2. To plan a course of action to educate and instruct the citizen's in how those identified risks and vulnerabilities can effect their daily lives.

  3. Development of dynamic pro-active action plans that maximize safety and awareness through personal involvement, exercising and public media programs.


Location and Contact Info


Law Enforcement Center - Room 800
333 Vine Street
La Crosse, WI  54601

Phone: (608) 789-4811



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