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Information & Assistance


Information and assistance

We provide information to the general public about services, resources, and programs in areas such as: disability and long-term care related services and living arrangements, health and behavioral health, adult protective services, employment and training for people with disabilities, transportation, home maintenance, nutrition, IRIS and Family Care. Aging and Disability Resource Center staff will provide help to connect people with those services and to also apply for SSI, FoodShare, and Medicaid as needed.

information Long-Term Care Options Counseling

We offer consultation and advice about options available to meet an individual's long term care needs. This consultation includes discussion of the factors to consider when making long-term care decisions. The Aging and Disability Resource Center offers pre-admission consultation to all individuals with long-term care needs entering nursing facilities, community-based residential facilities, and residential care apartment complexes to provide objective information about the cost-effective options available to them. This service is also available to other people with long-term care needs who request it.

Benefits Counseling

The Aging and Disability Resource Center provides accurate and current information on private and government benefits and programs. This includes assisting individuals when they have questions or when they need help with the processes of accessing Medicare, Social Security, or other benefits.

Emergency Response

The Aging and Disability Resource Center will assure that people are connected with someone who will respond to urgent situations that might put someone at risk, such as a sudden loss of a caregiver or reported abuse.

Prevention and Early Intervention

The Aging and Disability Resource Center promotes effective prevention efforts to keep people healthy and independent. In collaboration with public and private health and social service partners in the community, the Aging and Disability Resource Center offers both information and intervention activities that focus on reducing the risk of disabilities. This may include a program to review medications or nutrition, a home safety review to prevent falls, or finding appropriate fitness programs for older people or people with disabilities.

Access to the Family Care Benefit and IRIS

For people who request it, the Aging and Disability Resource Center will administer the Long-Term Care Functional Screen to assess the individual's level of need for services and eligibility for long term care benefits. Once the individual's level of need is determined, the Aging and Disability Resource Center will provide information about the options available to him or her—to enroll a long term care benefit program (if eligible), to stay in the Medicaid fee-for service system (if eligible), or to privately pay for these services. If the individual chooses Family Care or IRIS, the Aging and Disability Resource Center will assist with enrolling the person in the chosen program.

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