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Adult Protective Services


Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) is a program that helps address the safety of La Crosse County's vulnerable residents when there may be a situation involving abuse, neglect or financial exploitation. Its function is to address issues of potential abuse or neglect for elders and adults-at-risk in circumstances where the person may not be able to look out for their own safety due to their health condition or disability.

Definition of Elder and Adult-at-Risk

Any person over the age of 60 is considered an "elder-at-risk" and a person between ages 18-59 is an "adult-at-risk" when he or she have a "physical or mental condition that substantially impairs his or her ability to care for his or her own needs and is at risk of experiencing abuse or self-neglect."

Abuse can occur in several forms; physical, emotional and sexual. There is also neglect by a caregiver or self-neglect when a person is unable to provide for their own food, shelter, clothing or medical care. Financial exploitation is also a form of abuse and occurs when there is misuse of a person's funds. Any of these concerns should be reported to Adult Protective Services to be investigated.

How to make a referral?

You can call 785-5700 and request to make a report to Adult Protective Services. You can be assured that throughout this process, your information will be kept confidential. Your concerns will be reviewed and a case worker will be assigned to follow up on the information. The investigation may include interviewing the subject of the referral, family members, caregivers or other concerned parties. We have a commitment to protect the elder/adult-at-risk person's right of self-determination which allows them the right to refuse to participate in the interview process is they are competent to do so.

As a reporter, you are generally not able to receive detailed information regarding the outcome of the investigation. You can be assured that someone has responded to your concerns.




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