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Nutrition Services



The nutritional services department here at Hillview understands the importance of good food and nutrition to the quality of your everyday living. We make every effort to provide our residents with the best possible nutrition and dining experience developed around individual needs. Many moments in life are centered on food and our staff takes great pride in continuing that tradition during your stay here. In addition to a rotating, seasonal menu cycle, we provide special meals on major holidays as well as the catering for many in-house special events that occur throughout the year. Guest meals are available every day, including holidays, at a reasonable price and lounges are available by reservation for your gatherings.

Whenever a new resident is admitted to Hillview they are visited by our in house registered dietician and a complete nutritional assessment is completed to determine individual dietary needs. Diets and preferences are then carefully monitored and updated as needed by our dietician and dietary manager. No matter how long your length of stay will be, we do our best to ensure the most accurate and enjoyable meal service throughout.

Lori Clark
Food and Nutrition Manager
Hillview Campus
[email protected]



Carlene Ulrich, RD
Registered Dietician                                                                 
Hillview Campus                                                                   
[email protected]


Why was Hillview Chosen for your loved one?
"Hillview agreed to take our loved one at a time when others had no openings or stated they could not meet the needs of our loved one."