(Select "Family Neighborhood Initiative" when donating)

Covers temporary emergency services for families in need to increase family stability and safety in target neighborhoods (mentor/tutor for at risk youth, assistance to avoid eviction from a home, food, health insurance, and employment).

La Crosse Area Family Collaborative (LAFC) seeks to intervene early with families in trouble and better coordinate services to address the alarming rates of child protection referrals, juvenile delinquency and other challenges that are disproportionately concentrated around key neighborhoods in the City of La Crosse (including Powell Poage Hamilton, Washburn, Lower Northside Depot, and Logan North). The focus is to stabilize families prior to their needing costly emergency services, provide better opportunities for children, and help foster safer and more stable neighborhoods. Your donation here helps fund a "resource pool" to assist families with temporary emergency needs. This may include: financial support to avoid eviction from an apartment or home, providing a mentor or tutor for an "at-risk" youth, helping to alleviate other short-term barriers as the family works toward self-sufficiency.