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You have been summoned to serve as a juror in the circuit courts of La Crosse County. You will be performing one of the highest duties in our democratic system of government. Your service will be an education and should bring you a sense of great satisfaction and contribution to our society.
Unless you have a very serious conflict, you will be expected to serve as a juror. If you feel you are unable to serve due to medical reasons, you must submit a letter from your physician to be excused by the Court. Only the Judge can excuse you permanently. If you have a scheduling conflict, you should contact the jury clerk at 785-9690 and we will try to accommodate your busy schedule.
Under Wisconsin law, jurors are eligible for up to ten days of service or until the case they are serving on is completed. However, in La Crosse County you are only required to report for jury selection one day. This means if you are summonsed to report for jury selection and are not chosen to sit on a trial, your services have been fulfilled for four years. However you do have the option of requesting to be put on another jury selection if you so choose. You would need to contact the clerk of courts office at 785-9690. If you are selected to sit on a jury trial, you will serve until that trial is completed. The trial may last more than one day, you will be required to serve the amount of days the trial may last.
On occasion court cases will settle. It is very important to call our voice mail at 785-9933 the night before you are to report for jury duty. The message will tell you to report as scheduled or not to report.
When you arrive for jury selection, you will be entering the lobby of the Courthouse/Law Enforcement Center building.  At that time you will go through a security screening.  This screening process is for the safety and security of all visitors and employees of the Courthouse and Law Enforcement Center.


Please follow the directions given to you from our staff.  If you have a medical condition that you feel may be a concern, notify one of our staff members and they will assist you.  Do not bring in glass bottles and/or weapons of any kind.


You should report to the jury assembly room # 1401. You will be checked in either by a bailiff or the jury clerk. A 15 minute video will be presented explaining the Wisconsin Court system and your role as a juror. It is hoped that this video will help to make you more comfortable before entering the courtroom. Any questions you may have will be answered at that time.
Once the orientation has been completed the computer randomly assigns you to a courtroom. You will be escorted to the courtroom by the bailiffs. The selection process for each trial will then begin and the Judge will further instruct you. If you are selected to be on a specific trial it is important to again call the voice mail the night before to see if the trial is going to proceed.
The rate of pay for a juror in La Crosse County is $25 for a full day and $12.50 for half a day plus $.50.5 per mile. Jurors are paid once a month in La Crosse County. You will receive your pay for jury duty after the third Thursday of the next month.
The court system appreciates the time you spend as a juror. We hope your experience is a rewarding one. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the jury clerk at 785-9690

Contact Info

Jury Clerk: (608) 785-9690

Jury Answering: (608) 785-9933


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Updated: 07/31/2012