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La Crosse County Sheriff


La Crosse County Sheriff's Office - Jail Services
Jail Services: History / Inmate Locator / Inmate Rules / Posting Bond / Public Fingerprinting / Staffing / Statistics

Inmate Rules: Inmate Accounts / Programming / Property / Inmate Communication / Passing Messages

Inmate Accounts:

Deposits to inmate accounts can be made by:
  1. Telephone: 1-866-232-1899
    • You will be asked for the Facility Locator #, which is 254601
  2. Online: www.touchpaydirect.com
    • Associated Fees: Visa/Master Debit/Credit Card - $5.00 plus 3.5% transaction fee for deposits up to $100.00.
  3. Kiosk: Located in the Jail Lobby
    • Associated Fees: Cash deposits will incur a $3.00 transaction fee on deposits up to $100.00
  4. By Mail: money order made out to the inmate; cash and personal checks will not be accepted. *Please do not send letters, cards, or any other materials in the same envelope - see our section on Communicating with an Inmate below.*
    • The mailing address is as follows:
      Account Clerk
      c/o [Name of Inmate]
      333 Vine Street
      La Crosse WI 54601
      All funds deposited are available within 24 hours.

If an inmate owes debt to the jail, new deposits will be split 50% toward the debt and 50% will be deposited in the inmate's account for personal use. If you prefer to send a gift instead of money to an inmate, approved I-Care packages can be purchased at: www.icaredirect.com. No other packages from any other company will be accepted by the Jail.


Items Available to Purchase in the Jail:

  • Haircuts $15
  • Beard trim $5
  • Calling card $10.55
  • Daily Newspaper $0.75 Mon.-Sat. $2 Sunday
  • Commissary $40 (3 times per week) + unlimited hygiene items
  • Fresh favorites $6.99 (Sunday's only)
  • Nurse call $3
  • Doctor call $5
  • RX co pay $5
  • Copies $0.25



Website: http://www.lacrossejailministry.org/

Jail Programs

La Crosse County Jail offers various programs including:

  • Access to Education
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Behavioral Rewards Program
  • Bible Study
  • Bible Study Applied
  • Catholic Mass/Confession
  • Community Resources
  • Dual Diagnosis Group
  • Employment Skills Class
  • Employment Skills Independent Study
  • Exercise Program
  • GED/HSED Education
  • Health Education
  • Immunization Program
  • Indigent Inmate Program
  • Inmate Newsletter
  • Inmate Special Work Detail
  • Lutheran Services
  • Library/Book Exchange
  • Mom's Prayer Group
  • Movie Night
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Parenting Classes
  • Personal Finance
  • Project PROVEN
  • Recreation Program
  • Scripture Reflection
  • Seeking Safety
  • SMART Recovery
  • Storybook Program
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Women's Group
  • Worship Services

Download Course Descriptions here.

Huber and Bond Monitoring

The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office no longer has a HUBER center or bond monitoring.  Bond monitoring is supervised by La Crosse County Justice Support Services, operated under the Human Services Department.  They provide programs in electronic monitoring, bond monitoring, day reporting, community service, OWI sanctions, victim impact panels and drug court. Human Services is also responsible for the 48-bed La Crosse County Juvenile Detention Facility.


Personal Items:

Books, hygiene items, writing materials, uniforms and shoes are all provided to the inmate. Only plain white underclothing will be allowed, which can be purchased through canteen. The jail does not accept any personal property from the public.

Personal items such as prescription medication, eye glasses or other approved medical equipment may be dropped off at Jail Reception (8:00a.m.-4:30p.m.) or Master Control.

Inmates must submit a written request at least 24 hours in advance to release any personal items. Jail staff will not communicate with inmates regarding property. If there is no paperwork filled out, no property will be released. Please avoid 1p.m.-3p.m. Monday through Friday if picking up property.

Communicating with an Inmate

We have three communication methods for friends and family to pass information on to those in jail:

1. Telephone

2. E-Messaging

3. Video Visitation


The telephone system is operated by Securus Technologies. Only outgoing phone calls are allowed, the system cannot accept incoming phone calls into the jail.  Personal phone calls from inmates can be made in the following ways:  

  • An inmate can call out to a friend or family member by calling collect.  This is the most expensive option of the three.
  • Inmates may purchase phone call minutes from their commissary account to add to their inmate debit account.  Phone calls made through this method are charged to the inmate, not to the called party.
  • Friends and family members with Securus accounts may place money on their personal Securus accounts to allow inmates call their phone number directly. 


Phone numbers may be blocked by the Sheriff's Office under certain circumstances. If you accidentally block your phone number by choosing the option while denying an inmate phone call, you must call Securus Technologies to have your number unblocked.  The Customer Support number for Securus is 1-866-229-6829.

All personal phone calls are recorded; calls to attorneys are not.

E-Messaging (as of October 1, 2018)

To ensure the safety and security of our jail facility, inmates are only allowed to receive incoming letters from verified, legal or professional entities.  They may also receive verified letters from inmates housed in other correctional facilities. 


Inmates are allowed to send outgoing mail to anyone with very few restrictions.


Instead of receiving letters via US mail, inmates can now receive messages and photos quickly and conveniently from family and friends via the E-Messaging service provided by Securus Technologies.  Messages can be sent via computer or phone multiple times a day.  To utilize this service, please see the Securus website or download the Securus app on your phone. 

Costs for E-messaging is as follows:

  • 50-cents to send a message
  • 50-cents to attach a photo (in addition to the message fee)
  • 50-cents to add a reply stamp for an inmate to communicate back (in addittion to the message fee)

Stamps may be purchased at the Securus website.

Video Visitation
We have two visiting options:

1. On-Site Visitation | Free 20-minute visits, by appointment only.

2. Visit from Home (or anywhere) | $6.95/20 minutes, unlimited time slots

For more information about this new visitation system, visit www.lacrossecounty.org/Sheriff/visitinfo


Professional Visitors:

Visitation for professionals (attorneys, social workers, probation & parole agents, treatment providers, etc.) take place anytime except during inmate meal periods. No appointments are made.

Proper identification must be shown in order to visit with an inmate. Video Visitation booths are also available.

Pastoral Visitation:

Pastor visits are pre-arranged with the Jail Chaplain.  Please contact Chaplain John David to be added to the Pastor Visiting List for Tuesdays (8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.) and Fridays (7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m).

Chaplain John David



Jail Staff Passing Messages to Inmates

The La Crosse County Jail staff will relay an emergency message only. All emergencies are verified and must go through the chaplain or on-duty sergeant.


Please utilize our E-Messaging service for all other message needs.

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